Valued partnerships based on a common goal: keeping people healthy and safe

Pulsar Medical is fortunate to have established partnerships and deep relationships with a select group of partners that add great value to our formula. Each partner brings their own specific expertise to the table, which enables us to provide high-class, custom-made solutions.

From development through production, evaluations and distribution, we are able to offer custom-made products, cut out unnecessary links, and provide accessible solutions for people to stay in control of their personal health.


Aidian, formerly Orion Diagnostica, is a Finnish-based IVD company with almost 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing reliable, fast and easy-to-use diagnostic tests especially for primary care.

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KKM focuses on practical “Real World” solutions for the challenges faced in healthcare today. By using our exclusive Assess, Align, Advance process, we ensure the solutions are sustainable and relevant to the market to achieve success.

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In-house experts

scientific validations

Supply chain management

extensive partner network

Comfort & ease-of-use

accessible solutions

Professional advice

in-dept guidance

Vital Group

Vital Group has been active on the UK market with several product lines for over 40 years. We specialise in offering our customers innovative products that make their lives easier, happier, healthier and above all – safe.

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We enjoy new collaborations and value partnerships

We are always eager to expand our partner network, to get to know you, to create new projects, and to find new solutions. We take great value into helping our partners to expand their business, and upgrade their product lines. Beside that, we believe in chasing common goals: high-quality, easy accessible products, fitted to each specific setting. If you are interested to explore potential collaboration, or would like to know more about our products and solutions:
Please fill out the contact form with your inquiry, and we will shortly contact you for an initial intake, price quotation or consultation about our products and solutions.