Our formula

Accessible preventive healthcare solutions, matching global and local trends

By conducting data-driven market analyses and following trends, Pulsar Medical is able to develop the most suitable products with our partners, matching the demand of you and your clients. We do not just push diagnostic assays. We always aim to form long-term alliances: we want to understand your company, your products, your clients and wishes.

We thrive on bringing solutions to upgrade your company’s portfolio, by offering a complete package: Custom-made, locally evaluated, high quality, competitive priced products, in accordance with local regulations.

The most suitable products and services, straight from the source

Pulsar Medical helps its partners and clients with products and solutions, matching the demands of the specific market region, target users, and local requirements.

From product sourcing to research&development, clinical evaluations to local registrations: we either provide you with the most suitable products to fulfil your demand, or create a complete package of services, guiding you into developing your own product from envisioning into reality:

Our formula consist of several components, which can be selected according to your demand:

  • We offer a selection of easy accessible, high-quality in vitro diagnostics, such as COVID-19 antigen rapid tests, and antibody test kits. Both from our warehouse in the Netherlands, as well as direct from the production facilities in the orient.

  • Beside keeping track of global trends and market indicators, our local teams in Asia constantly source for new and innovative products. We work closely together with several of the largest manufacturers in the orient to research & develop new applications, where the focus always lies on ease-of-use, high performance applications.

  • Our ISO certified labs can locally evaluate your products, arrange performance validations, and additional experience & studies, according to your requirements.

  • Ensuring your products come along with the proper documentation for your local market registrations, IVD/IVDR requirements, etc.

  • including product development, evaluation studies & validations, certification and registrations.

We enjoy new collaborations and value partnerships

We are always eager to expand our partner network, to get to know you, to create new projects, and to find new solutions. We take great value into helping our partners to expand their business, and upgrade their product lines. Beside that, we believe in chasing common goals: high-quality, easy accessible products, fitted to each specific setting. If you are interested to explore potential collaboration, or would like to know more about our products and solutions:
Please fill out the contact form with your inquiry, and we will shortly contact you for an initial intake, price quotation or consultation about our products and solutions.