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We live in an interconnected global community, with an ever-growing population, frequent high volumes of (inter-) continental travels, and high-pressure work environments. These factors lead to:

  • The need for easy and accessible solutions to monitor and control the spread and mutation of viruses, such as the recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

  • A current increasing need for ways to improve, maintain and monitor one’s personal health. In Vitro diagnostic essays are a tool that can help to fulfil this need.

We believe every individual should be provided with a way to get a better insight in their own personal health, and easily determine what the current status of their physical health is at any given point:

  • Every individual should have the opportunity to monitor their personal health, and be able to timely find preventive measures to remain healthy.

    We want to make a contribution to a world, in which people keep themselves and others healthy, feel safe and protect each other. A world where we take control of our health together!


  • We have gone to great length to control the supply chain from the source: By having a local team on the ground in Asia for over a decade, we have established partnerships with some of the largest Asian producers in the industry.

  • By having formed valued partnerships with European labs and renown experts in the field, Pulsar Medical is able to offer evaluations according to European standards, receive national validations and complete registration procedures, in accordance with your requirements.

  • By conducting data-driven market analyses and following trends, Pulsar Medical is able to develop the most suitable products with our partners, matching the demand of your clientele.

  • We do not just push diagnostic assays. We always aim to form long-term alliances: we want to understand your company, your products, your clients and wishes. We thrive on bringing solutions to upgrade your company’s portfolio, by offering a complete package: Custom-made, locally evaluated, high quality, lower priced products, in accordance with local regulations.


  • Antigen rapid tests and antibody test-kits , fulfilling the current demands for monitoring SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks, virus resistance, etc.

  • A selection of (custom-made) In vitro diagnostic devices for professional use and/or self-testing.

  • including product development, evaluation studies, certification and registrations.

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